Local Amenities

Russell Island boasts a huge range of local amenities which have developed over the years to suite the needs of residents and visitors. Being a largely residential area the amenities have grown to support local requirements, and all other needs can be obtained with a short trip to the mainland.

We receive many questions about the availability of power and water on the Islands. As part of our infracture these services are readily available to most streets and allotments.

Our power comes from the mainland across the Western Boating Channel and connects to Russell Island at Rocky Point, and continues on to service North Stradbroke Island.

Energex has recently completed a new Sub Station on Russell Island which will assist in evening out power fluctations and giving us an impropved power supply, plus they are currently in the process of putting underground power lines in to again assist with a consistant and less interrupted power supply. Energex are planning for future increased power consumption involving residential expansion and supply to all the Southern Moreton bay islands.

Our water comes from the lakes on North Stradbroke Island and the Sir Leslie Harrison Dam on the mainland which is part of the Redlands water catchment area, and is some of the best in the country.

Telephone land line is available throughout the Island with a few exceptions, and those that cannot receive ADSL by landline use wireless internet connection, and the areas without landline are set up with the latest wireless telephone system by Telstra.

Sewerage is not available on the Bay Islands, and each and every home is serviced by way of septic system, and with new homes, home treatment plants are installed.

With sewerage not being available, every new home built is reliant on permeability tests of the soil, and drainage plan designs which determines the number of bedrooms allowed in the house. These must be completed prior to any building application submitted to Council. For example, poor draining soil may only allow for a two bedroom home to be constructed, whereas good draining soil may allow for a 4 bedroom home to be constructed.

The permeability quality of the soil can only be determined by the tests, and should be completed as part of your purchase of the block.

The above three paragraphs are a very simple overview of requirements in relation to septic systems and their effect on building, and cannot be relied upon as accurate and precise Redland City Council policies. To obtain full Redland City Council policy and procedure in regard to the above, please contact Redland City Council or your plumber/builder

If you considering building on the Islands, we recommend you have full discussions with the local Council about your requirements or a qualified registered QBSA builder.

Another important question on everyone's mind that does not know the Islands is "do we flood?".

The four Islands that make up the Southern Moreton Bay Islands are flood free, and we do not see those sort of floods that the rest of South East Queensland and Northern NSW experience. Naturally we get some overland water flow, but being small Islands, the water just runs off into the Bay with little effect on personal property.

These Islands are possibly one of the safest havens in South East Queensland, and remain undiscovered by a vast majority of Australians.






Passenger Travel to and from the Island as a foot passenger is supported by Bay Island Transit with their fleet of modern watertaxi's powered by the famous Hamilton Jet system which is protective of the bay and it's environment. Trips range from 20 minutes to 35 minutes depending on if you catch a direct boat to Russell island or as the locals call it a round the world trip, which actually means you go via the other 3 islands in the group. Taxi's run from very early morning to late at night. Visit their web site below and select "Bay Islands Transit" for time tables and prices. Watertaxi's depart from the marina in Redland Bay.

Vehicular Transport is supported by Stradbroke Ferries and barges run approx 12 hours per day. Trip takes approx 1hr 15mins and departs for the Islands from Redland Bay. For full details on time tables and prices visit


Vehicle Ferry - Getting here and booking information

Public Transport from Redland Bay - Translink




Rural Fire Service


PHONE 34091823 for local contact


Police Fire Ambulance always Dial 000 in emergencies





The Island has well established Emergency Services, 24/7 Ambulance Station, Rural Fire Brigade and SES team. Both the Rural Fire Brigade and SES are always looking for new recruits, and if you feel you can contribute to either of these, please contact your local coordinators for more information.

The Island also has it's own manned Police Station which maintains our safe and secure community.  


Russell Island has its own Primary School which hoasts approximately 200 children, with high school children travelling to Victoria Point State High School free of charge by Water Taxi from the Island and School Bus from Redland Bay.



The Redlands is host to 63 public and private schools, including primary, secondary and special education.

To see the full list of schools visit and search Redlands.

Not included in the above figures is the Metropolitan South Institute of Tafe, (MSIT) with a Campus in Alexandra Hills, and surrounding suburbs.

Listed below is a small selection of Schools with links to their web sites.


Russell Island State School

Victoria Point State High School

Cleveland High School

Faith Lutheran College Redlands

Carmel College 

Kimberly College

Calvary Christian College

Sheldon College

Alexandra Hills State High School

Capalaba State College


Bay Islands Medical Centre

6 Alison Crescent Russell Island

Medical Centre      ph 34091151

5 Days a Week           Monday to Thurday  8:30 am to 5 pm

                                 Saturday                9:00 am to 3 pm

Mater Pathology       ph 34092940                

3 days per week                           

                                Mon, Wed, Fri       7:00 am  to 3 pm

Retail  7 days per week

Aunty Alice's Cafe                      Ph 34092002                    

Art Stuff and Nonsence            ph 34091700


LOCAL SHOPPING and other facilities



Russell island is blessed with a wide variety of shops which means we are basically self sufficient in most of our needs

Super IGA

Newsagent - Lotto

Garden Nursery







Returned Services Club

Bowling Club

Bottle Shop


Holiday Accommodation from Russell Island Real Estate

Video Store


As with any community, we also have our Churches - 

Catholic, Presbyterian, and Safe Harbour to name a few.